Technical Ceramics Group

Protective coatings and multifunctional ceramic composites containing carbon nanostructures


Prof. Maria Isabel Osendi.
Scientific Professor.
Head of the group.

Prof. Pilar Miranzo.
Scientific Professor.

Dr. Manuel Belmonte.
Tenured Scientist.

Dr. Eugenio Garcia.
Contracte Scientist (R&C).

Cristina Ramirez.
PhD student.

Benito Roman.
PhD student.

Dr. Andrés Nistal.
Contracted Scientist.


Drs Belmonte, Miranzo and Osendi gave corresponding talks in the Admat wokshop organized by the  Institute of Therm mechanics, ASCR, in Prague.

Cristina Ramirez will defend her PhD research work Materiales multifuncionales de Si3N4 con nanoestructuras reforzantes basadas en grafeno” on June 16th, at 12:00 in the ICV General Hall.

Article usage dashboard:

Extraordinary toughening enhancement and flexural strength in Si"3N"4 composites using graphene sheets.

29-30 October: Dr. Hanus Seiner and Dr. Petr Sedlak, from the Institute of Thermomechanics (Prague, Czech Republic), visited us as part of the collaboration between our respective groups. Dr. Seiner and Dr. Sedlak are specialized in the determination of elastic constants and internal friction coefficients of advanced materials using the Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS).

July 2013: Dr. M. Belmonte will stay for 3 months in Prof. Terrones’ group at Research Center for Exotic Nano Carbons, Shinshu University (Japan) to develop hybrid graphene-ceramic materials for tribological and multifunctional applications

April 2013: New publication, Synthesis of conducting graphene/Si3N4 composites by spark plasma sintering. Carbon, 57 425–432 (2013)DOI.

October 2012: New patent, Procedure for obtainig ceramic granulated feedstock for thermal spraying apllications.